September 2, 2012

Trashing your city

Eleven years ago seeing people throwing garbage on the streets of Tbilisi really annoyed me. I can't understand how is that so many care how they, others or things look like and then dump garbage on a face of their own city. In Germany things were very different. If you were careless enough to throw garbage on the streets, there was always a good chance that someone would come to you and demand from you to take care of your garbage. Some consider leaving their bio trash in nature acceptable, as nature can take care of recycling. However things like cigarettes, plastic bags, plastic cups etc are difficult for the nature to recycle. Recently a blue heron with a red mesh net caught around its bill has been found dead in Ottawa. It is a good example of us creating nets of troubles.

When I first visited Ottawa's downtown, I was quite surprised to see streets full of trash. I didn't know what to think about it. It made me feel at home, on dirtiest corners of Tbilisi. People say now Tbilisi has changed a lot cause people have changed their behaviours. Here in Ottawa though you can see on a daily bases beautiful lady, modern, very stylish, shamelessly dumping her trash on the street right in front of everyone as if this was a very normal thing to do. I guess it is, if most of us think so.

Ottawa is a beautiful city and heartbreaking to see so many streets in this shape, even though city is cleaning the streets every day. How many of us are not caring? One might say this is not the end of the world, but what about the reasons? Are they not important as well? Who are we, what are we going through?


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