October 15, 2012

How to win Georgian Public

Following post explains how to win elections in Georgia or generally, hearts of the Georgian public. I am sure it will help you in the upcoming elections, but I hope and pray that it won’t.

I am not Shewardnadze, Saakashvili or Ivanishvili, who can surely tell us more precisely how to win the public, but I will write my impressions on how it seems to be working.

First, you need to know your battle field. There are different kinds, but no worries, in Georgia there’s been only one so far: desperation.  We find ourselves in a hopeless situation because of ‘the reasons all know well’, as our recent history books love to say. There’s nothing to suggest that situation will be different during the next elections. Can someone be better than Ivanishvili? Chances are, not. So get ready for the next stop desperation.
Most of elections have been won by someone, simply because people were eager to see some new faces in power. Anyways, I would say, if you are alive on the election day, why not to start a celebration?

Make yourself a solution 
Georgia has many problems. Instead of talking about solutions, personalize them, say YOU are the solution. This way you avoid discussing complicated issues, making false promises or any promises at all. You will contribute to saving energy that discussions, thinking and making arguments usually take.

Involve God 
God helps. It’s always good to involve him. Making a photo with the head of Georgian Church guarantees the best results. Show up in the church and light up a candle. Did someone see a dream that you were on a white hoarse as the St. George killing the evil? Let him or her share the story with the public.

Promise roses and dreams
People no longer marry those, who only talk about dreams and roses, but in Georgia you can get our vote, definitely. We love romantic politics.

To conclude, if you are able to be around, recognize desperate situation, make yourself a hope of the public, involve God, and read aloud poetry (or let someone else do the job on your behalf, it's the same).  And while you work on it, I will be hoping for a real change in our society, in the way we think about democracy and exercise it.

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