December 21, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wish you all a happy New Year!

While most of us are making year's plans, I will also take time and see how good really the 2012 was for me. Except visiting Georgia, I accomplished all my goals. Honestly, I was not aware of it, till I viewed in my dairy the whole 2012-to-do list. Therefore I am feeling good now, optimistic, that starting from today I have a chance to work on my new goals, and old and new dreams.

Beginning was weird. I had no map of where I was heading. Like Thumbelina I often found shelter, sometimes I was discovered, but at the end I had to keep moving towards my aspirations not caring on what others think I need to be or need to be doing.

Finally, all little arrangements, such as getting a ship and a map, have been made ;) We are heading towards 2013, happy holidays! 


For the record, secrets you are welcome to know
  • I made a discovery:
    • World is still the same weird place, remember old ages?
    • Life goes on
    • I love my life
    • All of these happens again and again.
  • I was not able to read 24 books, but I read at least 14. [I need to lower my expectations ;) ]
  • I was not able to write 200 blog posts, but I am happy with 70. Important is to improve my English and manage to communicate.
  • Get to know Caucasus Peace Forum
  • I was not able to publish 12 short stories, but I published one and wrote several drafts. It's not really about writing, but about what I have to say.
  • Still working on second edition of Georgian Language Basic Course, hopefully it's ready by the end of January.
  • I don't know how it happened, but I am taking beautiful photos. I printed one as a poster recently.
  • Braveheart is still my most favourite movie.
  • I am making to do lists every day.
  • Starting a new course in January.
  • Without freedom you can't really breath.
  • Library is my temple.
  • My heart and mind are my only authorities, I really mean it.

Now, we still need to stay focused please :) and next year's plans are:
What are your plans for the 2013?

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